Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How to get ready when you have a baby

I often wonder if the handbook for new moms really exists? It's almost like there are moms out there that figure things out and keep it to themselves?! When the information is shared with me my mouth is usually dropped and I say "why didn't anyone tell me this?!" as I pull the peanut butter sandwich out of my baby's mouth. The most recent "revelation" that was reveled to me. Let me share. I was complaining about having no time to take a shower- one friend suggested placing her in an exersaucer and popping in a cartoon. Well, TV doesn't interest my daughter so I was back to nowhere. Then, talking to a good friend she suggested an idea that I was amazed by. Amazed- not because of it's ingenious, but the "Why didn't I think of this" thought that immediately followed. What she does, and I do now, is make sure the bathroom is babyproof. Then start the shower, when you are finished with the shower pick up baby and wash baby. At this time (you are clean now) plug the bathtub. When you are thru cleaning baby plop her or him down and turn the shower off and let the bathtub fill. Then get out dry off and let baby play in the tub while you dry your hair, put make up on and get ready. As long as you don't take too long you get two things done at once! Baby gets a bath and you get ready! How awesome is that?! Good luck to you- hopefully this helps you as much as it did me!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wow. It has been too long since I created a post! Life is going fast and our online boutique will be up soon! We are projecting June opening! We have a wonderful list of quality items and some items you will only be able to find on our site! We have are beyond excited to show you our summer and fall line up!