Thursday, March 6, 2008

Formula 411

There are so many brands and types of baby formula that it can make your head spin. I have used a handful of different types and here is my findings: (note these are powder base)

Similac Soy: Great. Smooth formula - no reaction from Child
Target Brand Soy Infant Formula: Awesome, smooth and mixes well-almost half the price of Similac
Similac with Iron: Good
Kirkland Brand Baby Formula: When baby was little had a slight reaction. I have given to her since and is okay. Half the price of other brand names.
Enfamil: Finer powder - mixes nicely
Emfamil 9-12months: TERRIBLE - I would never buy this product. It becomes chunky and plugs up the nipple.

I hope that helps with your adventure into the formula world!